Louisa Dykstra
Windsor Heights, IA

Dish Cloth (Retired, reg. $10.49)

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Washing your dishes can be a chore, but our set of two specially woven, netted Dish Cloths you can do your dishes and so much more, with ease! Great for everyday use, these non-absorbent cloths will do some heavy duty cleaning anywhere scrubbing action without a lot of water is required. They're great for removing flour, dough and other sticky substances from countertops after baking.

45 cm x 45 cm / 17.72" x 17.72"


How did that happen? You've got stuck-on goo on your stainless steel cooktop, which is going to be hard to remove without scratching the surface or using a sopping wet cloth.


No more sopping-wet cloths or risk of scratching!